May 6 The International Blowing Bubbles Day

Flip Looyen

The whole thing started in December 2010 when I was taking pictures in the snow after experiencing the shortness and the vulnerability of life. I wondered how wonderful it could be when people all over the world at the same time could be able to share a personal moment and simultaneously  enjoying the wonderful magic, beauty and fun of soap bubbles floating in the air? What kind of feeling is then experienced?

On May 6 2011 the first International Blowing Bubbles Day took place and all over the world there were to be seen soap bubbles.

Since then the International Blowing Bubbles Day took place each year! At many places all over the world and on several grounds there were blown soap bubbles. Magic and fun, grieve and happiness, short term and lasting memories, individual and feeling part of the world community. If a butterfly can influence the world, what could happen when everybody is blowing bubbles at the same time?
It could be that you are going to blow bubbles in the memory of someone, world peace or maybe for another personal reason. Everyone can join in, on one’s balcony, boat, and garden, in the woods or in the street… Together with others or on your own. Feel welcome, unbound and light. Keep yourself up-to-date by checking the blog and subscribe to stay informed about new postings!

The first starting of the International Blowing Bubbles Day in 2011 and the ending ceremony were both held in Nijmegen. On Rhode Island by PeaceLove Studios were they both celebrated in 2012. The exhibition of the mail art was to be held in the Art of the Heart Gallery in Monrovia, Liberia at the gallery of the famous artist A. Leslie Lumeh.I.

In 2014 the ending ceremony was held in Venray in the English Garden (“de Engelse Tuin”), with the participation of M.M.S.K. St Petrus’banden and the poetess Ans van Kessel. The mail art exhibition was held during the ceremony in the Englisch Garden and on Friday May 9th in art galery Satijnvogel in Nijmegen with a first glimpse of what happend on May 6 all around the globe. Sponsord by Dulcop in Italy.

Once three artists opened the day in Singapore: photographer Stephanie Oebeles-Kilian, Aileen Mitchell and Larisa van der Grinten Bons.
During the day’s there were remembrance, fun, sharing, togetherness and cheer joy! In Deventer, Monsieur Bart was blowing bubbles during a walk. There was a gathering in Prague organised by Smíchologie CZ.  Television and radio attention, people just on their own celebrated the day and made tweets and facebook notices about it as the St Antonius hospital in the Netherlands did when they were sharing bubble fluid to its patients and so one could say there have been several celebrations and moments of thought.
The ending of the day ceremony’s were held in diverent places with a flash-exhibition of mail art and the art work of Marlieke Overmeer, Gerda Stevens, Annemiek Koolen, Lille Dresden, Szymon Przybylek, Carla Clevers, Ingeborg van Stipthout, Ahmed Kliege, Nazmi Afshari and many others. The exhibition’s were accompanied by the many, amongst them were mezzo soprano Ingrid van Ree, declamation of poetry by Peter Freijsen and others, violin bij Harmen Lucas and of course lots of bubbles.
It is thrilling to have found enthusiasm for and believing in the project in so much different ways and by so many people. Word spreading and organizing. It is wonderful to experience that a simple idea is growing to an event that makes bounds and friends. Art as an experience, art in a under going way. Thank you all for that!

A great day to me!

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