International Blowing Bubbles Day 2015, Flits expositie

Interantional Blowing Bubbles Day

Again the International Blowing Bubbles Day shall take place. I do hope You all will have a good time and moments like we are going to have.

The ending of the day ceremony on May 6 this Year will be held in the surrounding of Nijmegen in the Netherlands with a flash-exhibition of mail art and the art work of Marlieke Overmeer, Gerda Stevens, Annemiek Koolen, Lille Dresden, Szymon Przybylek, a.o. Also there will be a contribution of the mezzo soprano Ingrid van Ree, poetry and of course lots of bubbles.
During a walk on May 6 in Deventer, Monsieur Bart will be blowing bubbles starting at 11.00 a.m. from Volgeleiland to De Brink. Join him if you are in Deventer by then! And there will be a gathering in Prague organised by Smíchologie CZ.

Exhibition in Ubbergen from19:00 till 21:00
19:30 performance by singer Ingrid van Ree

het Witte kerkje van Ubbergen.
Rijksstraatweg 72
Beek Ubbergen
The Netherlands

The blog will remain the central point and we shall post everything here just like always, next to the Facebook page

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